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The Waterpilot FMX21 is a robust 2-wire hydrostatic level sensor that comes in three versions to suit a wide range of applications which include the measurement of groundwater, wastewater and saltwater. It is also available with an integrated temperature transmitter as an additional measurement point.

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  • FMX21
  • FMX167

Features and Benefits:

  • High overload resistance
  • Climate-proof sensor: potted electronics
  • Robust ceramic cell for long-term stability
  • Accessories for complete measuring point solution
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The Waterpilot FMX21 is a pressure sensor for hydrostatic level measurement. Endress+Hauser offers three different versions of the FMX21 sensor:

  • FMX21 with a stainless steel housing, outer diameter of 22 mm (0.87 inch): Standard version suitable for drinking water applications and for use in bore holes and wells with small diameters.
  • FMX21 with a stainless steel housing, outer diameter of 42 mm (1.66 inch): Heavy duty version, easy clean flush-mounted process diaphragm. Ideally suited for wastewater and sewage treatment plants.
  • FMX21 with a coated housing, outer diameter of 29 mm (1.15 inch): Corrosion resistant version generally for use in saltwater, particularly for ship ballast water tanks.
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