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The Prosonic range of ultrasonic level detectors offers non-contact ultrasonic level measurement for liquids and solids using the time of flight principle. The Prosonic M are both compact and reliable, robust and cost-effective. The Prosonic S combines level measurement, flow metering and pump control all in one unit.

Maximum Measuring Range:
– FMU 40:
5 m in fluids / 2 m in bulk materials
– FMU 41:
8 m in fluids / 3,5 m in bulk materials
– FMU 42:
10 m in fluids / 5 m in bulk materials
– FMU 43:
15 m in fluids / 7 m in bulk materials
– FMU44:
20 m in fluids / 10 m in bulk materials



  • FMU40
  • FMU41
  • FMU42
  • FMU43
  • FMU44

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Ultrasonic Level Measurement Benefits

  • Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement
  • Simple menu-guided operation
  • Envelope curves viewable on display
  • Linearisation (up to 32 points on Prosonic S)
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  • Continuous, non-contact ultrasonic level measurement in fluids, pastes, sullages and coarse bulk materials
  • Flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs
  • System integration via:
    • HART (standard), 4…20mA
    • Foundation Fieldbus
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