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The PrimaX P gas transmitter is suited to a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications for the detection of combustible gases (catalytic combustion sensor), toxic gases or oxygen (electrochemical sensors). The PrimaX P features an innovative custom designed enclosure with integral 4-way keypad for ease of use. The large LCD with clear plain text provides information at a glance and the additional LEDs give a clear status indication. The plug-in replacement sensors and an integral backplate enable fast and easy installation.

PrimaX P comes as flameproof design in a coated aluminium enclosure with standard 4–20 mA output and optional HART and relays capability. SIL 2 compliance is approved by TUV.
For more information, please see leaflet 07-710.2.

ATEX II2GExdia[ia]IICT4Ga,II2DExtbia[ia]IIICT130°CDbIP67,SIL2

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  • Wide range of detectable gases
    • Explosive gases
    •  Oxygen
    •  Toxic gases
  • Standard 4-20mA output with optional modules
    • HART module
    • HART+RELAYS Module
    • HART+RELAYS Module galvanically isolated
  • Configurable ALARM and FAULT relay
    • Normally Energized / De-energized
    • Normally Open / Closed
  • External keypad makes setup and maintenance easy
  • Large LCD display and status LEDs provide all information for quick and easy sensor status identification
  • Quick site installation using a mounting plate accessory
  • Easy electrical connection by field wiring connectors
  • Durable and Ergonomic
  • Aluminium housing with 3/4” NPT or M25 cable entries IP66
  • Intrinsically safe HART connector
  • Mounting plate, duct and pipe mounting kits and sensor weather protection accessories facilitate site installation
  • Simplified Field Maintenance
  • Sensor bayonet cup for quick and easy access to the sensor. Bayonet lock with safety screw locks sensor cap in desired position.
  • Plug and play sensors. Sensors for toxic gases or oxygen can be disconnected under power without declassifying hazardous area.
  • Field selectable range for toxic gases and oxygen
  • Manual or automatic calibration option
  • Global Certification
  • Flameproof design for Zone 1 and Zone 21 installation
  • Wide range of global approvals
    • ATEX, IEC, SIL 2
    • UL, CSA
    • CCCF
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  • Agriculture, fertilisers
  • Construction
  • Storage of hazardous materials
  • Laboratory
  • Utilities
  • OGP
  • Chemical Plants
  • General Industry
  • Power plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Car Industry
  • Waste Water
  • Food and Beverages
  • Various Industrial applications
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