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iNet Gas Detection Program

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A revolutionary new concept, iNet is the future of Gas Detection.

In Gas Detection it is a difficult task to effectively monitor every detector in your fleet all of the time. Even the most reliable monitor cannot keep workers truly safe in the field if it is improperly used or poorly maintained.

Using the iNet system from AMS Equipment Ltd in partnership with Industrial Scientific, the world’s largest manufacturer of Portable Gas Monitors, it is possible to monitor all detectors in your fleet, be sure that they are all operational and have a system which has a predictable, low cost.

Unsafe Behaviours:

  • Ignoring alarms
  • Turning off a gas detector during an alarm
  • Using gas detectors without calibrating or bump testing

Service Pains:

  • Instruments are not ready in emergencies
  • High order processing, labour and shipping costs for replacement parts
  • Lack of available staff for servicing

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Reliable Equipment

The iNet DS simplifies the use of docking stations with its plug-and-play functionality. It requires no software or computer hardware installation or maintenance at the customer site, and connects directly to the Internet via an Ethernet interface. For on-the-go end users, the iNet DS docking station can even be used from a vehicle using a standard truck charger.

Our range of portable gas detectors are all iNet compatible and are built to the highest standards. Please refer to the portable gas detector sections for more detailed information on the individual units.

Safe Behaviour

With iNet and iNet InSite, users can configure and manage their gas detection fleet via iNet Control, a web-based application accessible from any PC Web browser.

Users can:

  1. Schedule calibrations, bump tests, instrument firmware upgrades and other automatic events
  2. Set up gas detector alarm thresholds and other custom settings
  3. View trends, performance metrics and custom reports to gain practical insight into their gas detection program

Painless Service

iNet is a software-based service that solves these common gas detection problems:

  • “We cannot maintain our gas detectors.”
  • “Costs are too high and unpredictable.”
  • “We don’t have time to keep records.”
  • “We really don’t know what’s happening in the field.”
  • “We can’t possibly follow all the warnings in the user manual.”

iNet Pricing

A 48-month subscription locks in your pricing with no hidden costs. An initial fee covers software licensing, installation, training, freight and associated travel expenses. With iNet pricing , your gas detection budget will be simple and predictable.

Hassle-free Equipment Upgrades

It’s easy to get the latest technology when you renew your iNet subscription. Upgrade to next generation gas detectors, or continue using the same products.

Fleet Size Flexibility

Should your needs change, you can always update your subscription by adding gas detectors, sensors, docking stations or accessories to your fleet. For temporary needs, you can rent additional gas detectors for your iNet fleet. Rental periods and rates from weekly to monthly give you flexibility and convenience for short-term projects.

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  • Power Stations
  • Refineries
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Chemical Works
  • Landfill
  • Sewage Works
  • Water Works
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