EX-P Controller

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A step change in fluorescence based Oil in Water analysis, the INOV8 products are available from AMS Equipment

The EX-P is an inline probe version of the analyser. This model allows you to install the analyser via a flange directly into main production line to give direct continuous feedback and analysis. Extraction tools can be provided for hot extraction if required.

The standard material of construction is 316L Stainless Steel but different options are available if required, for example exotic materials for wetted parts such as monel and hastelloy.

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Key Features:

  • No sample conditioning required
  • Market leading cleaning using the patented new rapid wave ultrasonic self cleaning
  • Advanced detection of oil and potential contaminants using the standard or high-resolution spectrometry feature
  • Low power DC voltage requirements
  • Multiple Communication options for Management Capabilities
  • Ease of transport and installation, much smaller footprint Vs traditional analysers only requiring front access for easy maintenance and installation
  • Large user configurable colour display
  • Less than 25KG weight
  • 316L SS Exd Hazardous ATEX, IECEx and C1D1 Certification
  • DNV (5ppm) approval as well as IMO (15ppm) approval


  • Low cost of ownership with no regular maintenance and no routine calibration
  • Simple to use interface for set-up and control
  • Meets hand carry requirements for helicopters, meaning ease of transport and low install costs
  • Minimal installation requirements (24VDC, Exd)
  • Remote Monitoring and Automatic Process Control
  • Continuous real-time measurements; <1 sec response time to process changes
  • 24 month standard warranty
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  • Produced water discharge monitoring
  • Process efficiency monitoring e.g. before and after separators
  • Breakthrough of oils in tube and shell heat exchangers
  • Process optimisation
  • Ships
  • Refineries
  • Offshore
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