Deltapilot S

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Continuous Level Transmitter for continuous and non-contact precision level measurement. For custody transfer and inventory control applications with NMi- and PTB-approvals.

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  • 0.5 mm accuracy (2σ value).
  • National approvals (NMi, PTB) for custody transfer.
  • Applicable as stand-alone system or tied into tank gauging systems via the Tank Side Monitor NRF590.
  • Easy on-site operation via menu-driven alphanumeric display.
  • Easy commissioning, documentation and diagnostics via FDT/DTM technology (FieldCare).
  • Application-specific antenna selection.
  • Planar antenna versions allow direct installation on tapered stilling wells.
  • Cost-effective and simple installation via 4-wire cable with HART and 24 V DC intrinsically safe power supply.
  • Gas-tight process connection (second line of defense) standard for any antenna version.
  • Inventory Control Version with reduced accuracy (3 mm) availabe.
    • Excellent long term stability
    • 0.2% accuracy (0.1% optional)
    • Simple commissioning
    • ATEX and SIL3 certification (Deltapilot S FMB70)
    • HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION fieldbus compatible (Deltapilot S FMB70)
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The Micropilot S is used for highly accurate level measurement in storage tanks and can be applied in custody transfer applications. It meets the relevant requirements according to OIML R85 and API 3.1B.

The FMR530 with horn antenna is suitable for free space applications (up to 25 m) that disallow the use of a parabolic antenna due to tank/nozzle geometry.

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