Deltabar S

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Differential pressure transmitter for flow, level and filter applications.

Available with either a metallic or ceramic measuring sensor the Deltabar S range of differential pressure transmitters offers something for almost all applications. The ceramic sensor is designed to withstand mechanical cleaning, chemical erosion and cleaning with high pressure lances and brushes.

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  • Robust ceramic measuring cell available
  • Self-diagnosis and process monitoring functions
  • For process temperatures up to 400 degrees celcius IEC60508 up to SIL3 (model dependent)
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The Deltabar S differential pressure transmitter is used for the following measuring tasks:

  • Flow measurement (volume or mass flow) in conjunction with primary devices in gases, vapors and liquids
  • Level, volume or mass measurement in liquids
  • Differential pressure monitoring, e.g. of filters and pumps
  • International usage thanks to a wide range of approvals
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