Process Instrumentation Range

At AMS Equipment, we provide a wide range of process instrumentation to many clients throughout the oil & gas industry. Our equipment is from some of the leading suppliers in Europe, allowing us to provide a high-quality, reliable product to all of our satisfied clients. Always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions, over the years we have provided a number of new technologies and services to our customers. This has enabled customers to modify and improve their processes leading to increased efficiency, reduced costs and a safer working environment. We know many of the best suppliers in the marketplace and chances are if what you require isn’t on our website then we will know where to source it from.

For ease of navigation we have divided our range of Process Instrumentation into four categories as follows:


Flowmeters are units that are used to monitor the flow of substances using different scientific principles. We are able to accurately measure the flow of solids, liquids and gases depending upon the application. We have provided flowmeters to a wide range of satisfied clients in the oil & gas industry, allowing for accurate and reliable measurements. For further information on the products we have available, get in touch with us today using our contact form, email or phone number.

Level Monitors

We supply a wide range of level monitors for use in various applications. The operation of these level devices is dependent upon a range of scientific measurement principles. If you'd like to know more about which of these products we are currently stocking, please use the link below or get in touch with us today for further information.

Pressure Transmitters

We supply a range of pressure transmitters to answer most requirements. From Differential Pressure Sensors to Switches we should be able to satisfy your pressure monitoring needs. For more information on our pressure transmitters, use the link below to browse our category or get in touch using our contact form, phone number or email.

Temperature Monitoring

As one of Europe’s largest supplier of temperature probes, Endress and Hauser are well placed to suit most applications. With an in house team of experts carrying out all manner of temperature monitoring from simple single point installations to more complex multi point monitoring of chimney stacks and offshore flare towers.

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