Our Gas Detection Equipment & Systems

Gas Detection Equipment is a vital component to any safe working environment dealing in industries where gases may be present.
There are a number of ways in which to monitor for gases.

These include:

portable gas detection equipmentPortable Gas Detectors

Our Portable Gas Detector is lightweight, compact, rugged and durable as they are designed to be carried by the users as they go about their daily jobs. There are a large number of options available from monitoring single gases such as H2S or O2 to more complex scenarios where multiple gases are monitored in the same unit. An example of multiple gas monitoring would be the Ventis Gas Detector which AMS Equipment Ltd supplies. This unit is small and compact and can simultaneously monitor for up for 4 gases. A common configuration is LEL (explosive gases), O2, CO and H2S. Portable Gas Detectors alert the wearers to the presence of gases by flashing lights, vibrating and emitting a loud alarm (around 90 dB). Equipping your staff with these detectors ensures that they will be alerted to the presence of potentially lethal gases in the environment and enable them to act accordingly to ensure that they are safe. Full data logging facilities ensure that safety personnel are able to review event logs following any incidents and this data proves a valuable tool in assessing and improving workplace safety. AMS Equipment Ltd partners with the world’s largest manufacturer of the Portable Gas Detector – Industrial Scientific. This allows us to provide high quality gas detection equipment.

Fixed Gas Detection

If you have an area which may experience gases on a regular basis (for example an oil platform or an area of a workplace which utilises nitrogen to cool engines) then it may be best to install a Fixed Gas Detection System to permanently monitor the area for these gases. AMS Equipment Ltd partners with Oldham and Industrial Scientific to bring a wide range of Fixed Gas Detectors and Control Panels to offer a tailored solution which is best suited to you and your workplace. A large number of products can be mounted remotely and using a 4-20mA signal can be brought back to the Control Panel for ease of calibration and display. This can then be linked back to your PLC so that you have an alarm displayed in your control room in the event of a gas exposure.

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