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Tank Side Monitor


Tank Side Monitor

Field device for tank sensor operation and monitoring and for integration into inventory control systems.

Features and Benefits

• I.S. power supply and communication for Micropilot and Levelflex level radars.
• Connects up to 6 HART devices via i.s. 2 wire, for example Prothermo for average temperature measurement and Cerabar/Deltabar for HTMS density applications.
• Backlit graphical LCD display; operation via 3 optical keys (touch control).
• User-friendly operating menu (multi-lingual).
• Interfaces to tank inventory system Tankvision.
• Provides communication to PLC, DCS and SCADA systems.
• Various industry standard communication protocols, including:
- Sakura V1
- EIA-485 Modbus
- Whessoematic WM550
- BPM (compatible with Enraf systems)
• Approved for use in explosion hazardous areas.
• Weights & Measure-approved for use in custody
transfer applications.


The Tank Side Monitor NRF590 is a sensor integration and monitoring unit for bulk storage tank gauging applications. It can be used with Micropilot radar or Proservo level gauges and can be combined with other HART compatible devices.
The Tank Side Monitor offers the following functions:
•    Intrinsically safe (i.s.) power supply of the connected devices.
•    Parametrization of the connected devices.
•    Display of the measured values.
•    Tank calculations for accurate correction of the tank distortions.