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Liquicap M


Liquicap M

Available as both a rope and rod version, Liquicap M accurately measures level up to 10m.  It offers a variety of housings, process connections (starting from ½”), certification and approvals, so that you get exactly what you need.  Liquicap M offers outstanding performance in storage, buffer and process tanks.

Features and Benefits

-    Suitable for interface measurement
-    ATEX, SIL2 and EHEDG certified
-    Electronics can be switched for media prone build up
-    No calibration required for conductive media


Liquicap M:
-    FTI51
-    FTI52


Ideal for the food industry, Liquicap M is suitable for both CIP and SIP systems, and combines a wide range of hygienic process connections with FDA and EHEDG approvals. It is also designed for the real world: in applications with strong build-up, Liquicap M has cutting-edge algorithms to safeguard stable measured values. And its short response time means it is particularly suitable for use in small tanks, where rapid level changes occur and the measurement range must cover the entire contents of the tank.


Also ideal for the chemical industry, Liquicap M offers a SIL 2 rating according to IEC61508 for both low and high demand mode, and is ATEX certified to EEx ia and EEx d for hazardous area use. It features a gas-tight feedthrough for protection against aggressive or toxic media, often found in solvent or hydrocarbon applications. Best of all, the device continuously monitors the probe insulation, so that any rod breakage or damage to insulation is immediately detected to minimise measurement errors and plant downtime.