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Prosonic 93P


Prosonic 93P Clamp-On

Non-invasive ‘clamp-on’ ultrasonic flow measurement system.

The Prosonic flow 93P is a system for monitoring flow rates using the ultrasonic measurement principle.  Two sensors mounted on the pipe send and received ultrasonic pulses simultaneously.  At zero flow, both sensors receive the ultrasonic signal sent in the same time.  With a low flowing fluid, the ultrasonic waves require different lengths of time (flow-dependent) to reach the corresponding sensor.  This transit time difference, measured by Prosonic Flow 93P, is directly proportional to the flow velocity.

Features and Benefits

-    Ideal for bi-directional flow measurement
-    Simple retrofitting without interrupting the process
-    Quick setup menu for simple commissioning
-    Simple, cost effective mounting
-    Compatible with HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus
-    IP67 (NEMA4X) protection


The sensors are perfectly suited for the non-contact measurement of pure or slightly contaminated liquids, regardless of the pressure or electrical conductivity.

Suitable for pipe diameters from DN 15 to 4000 (½" to 156")
Suitable for fluid temperatures ranging from -40 to +170 °C (-40 to 338 °F)
Can be used with all metal and plastic pipes lined or unlined and with composite pipes
Ideal solution for applications with chemicals, solvents, liquid hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis
Particularly suitable for corrosive, hazardous or ultrapure fluids thanks to non-contact measurement concept.
Interface for easy integration into all common distributed control systems:
Approval for use in hazardous area Zone 1 (ATEX, FM, CSA) available as standard.