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Flowmeters are units which are used to monitor the flow of substances using different scientific principles. We are able to accurately measure the flow of solids, liquids and gases depending upon the application.

Coriolis flowmeters apply the Coriolis principle for mass flow measurement. These units are well known in the industry for their accuracy and repeatability and can be configured so that they can simultaneously measure the mass flow, fluid density and temperature across a range of liquids and gases, offering outstanding accuracy and repeatability for improved process control.

We also supply Electromagnetic flowmeters for measurement of flow across a wide range of process applications. These types of meters can be used to measure all electrically conductive liquids with or without solids e.g. water, wastewater, sludge, slurries, pastes, acids, alkalis etc.

Thermal Mass flowmeters are ideally suited to direct mass flow measurement of compressed air, biogas and other utility gas applications. They can also be used to aid in leak detection.

One of our most popular flowmeters is the Ultrasonic range of flowmeters where the speed of sound principle is applied in order to accurately measure flow. These meters are available in both in line and clamp on versions. The latter offer a non-intrusive method of measuring flow in a wide range of situations.

Vortex flowmeters are insensitive to vibration, temperature shocks, dirty media and water hammer. Operating using a Differential Switched Capacitance (DSC) sensor enables the meter to read only the pressure pulses caused by the vortices and hence it stays immune to any influence from mechanical pipeline vibrations. Typical applications are those requiring the measurement of liquid nitrogen, steam from boilers and distribution pipelines as well as solvents, water and paraffin.