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Ventis Portable 4-Gas Monitor



Ventis / MX4 Multi Gas Detector:

One of the market leaders in its field, the compact Venis MX4 multi gas detector is rugged, durable and can take up to 4 different sensors to cover most gas detection requirements.  It can be used as a personal monitor and also as a pumped gas detector for confined space entry work.


Configured for your safety, the Ventis™ MX4 takes your gas detection program to the next level.

Detect from one to four gases with a wide range of sensor options

Draw samples from up to 100 feet with an optional, integrated sampling pump

Realise true portability with multi-gas protection in single-gas size

Use the extended range battery for up to 20 hours (without pump)

Discover a better way to do gas detection with the Ventis on iNet

Wide range of accessories including sampling kits, confined space entry kits, rugged covers and so on available

Features and Benefits

Overmoulded composite construction
Rugged design provides exceptional durability in harsh, industrial environments


Compact size and weight
Multi-gas protection in single-gas size enables true portability as a personal monitor when used with or without the pump


IP66/67 Certified
Ensures that the monitor can withstand use in extremely dusty and wet applications


One to four-gas configurations
Allows you to select and expand your sensor configuration to meet your monitoring needs at any time


Broad sensor measuring ranges
Measuring ranges for carbon monoxide to 1000 ppm, hydrogen sulphide to 500 ppm, nitrogen dioxide to 150 ppm and sulphur dioxide to 150 ppm provide the ability to see changes in hazardous conditions beyond normal monitoring ranges


Interchangeable lithium-ion and alkaline battery packs
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs offer day-to-day use for up to 12 hours continuously, while alkaline batteries provide an emergency backup power supply or an alternative primary power source for applications where instruments are used less frequently


Lithium-ion extended range battery pack  
Rechargeable lithium-ion extended range battery packs offer day-to-day use for up to 20 hours continuously when using the instrument without the pump


Oil & Gas Industry

Chemical Industry

Industry in General

Where up to 4-gas monitoring is required

Confined space and tank entry checking – use pumped version