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The MX6 multi gas detector can be configured to monitor from 1 – 6 gases simultaneously choosing from 25 sensor options including infrared for low oxygen environments and photo ionisation detection (PID) sensors for volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).


The MX6 is one of the most durable and versatile of all multi gas detectors available on the market today.  With a wide range of sensor options to choose from as well as the option to have the unit with or without a pump the MX6 truly is a leader in its class.

The screen is a full colour display configured to be easily read in bright conditions, dark conditions and everything in between.

On screen display shows graphs of recent gas exposures, and data logging enables the information to be downloaded and reviewed at any time.

It is also iNet compatible and with a docking station users are able to carry out their own bump tests and calibrations as often as they please.

Features and Benefits

Colour graphic liquid crystal display
Colour graphics clearly convey information to the user.

Menu driven PEG (Portable Embedded GUI) operating system
Allows navigation through the instrument features using an easy to understand graphical user interface (GUI).

25 Interchangeable/field replaceable sensors including PID, infrared (IR, catalytic bead and electrochemical sensor options
Provides flexibility of monitoring in a variety of applications. Reduces operating costs and downtime associated with instrument/sensor service.

iNet™ Ready    
Gives you Gas Detection as a Service on the world’s premier instrument management system. iNet provides factory monitoring and servicing of your gas detection fleet without the need to purchase a single piece of equipment.

Multilingual operation  
Ability to select one of eight pre-programmed language configurations provides ease and flexibility for multilingual and international work forces.

5-way instrument navigation button
Up, down, left, right and enter positions in a single button provide the user with clear, tactile feedback as they navigate through the instrument graphic menu choices.

Diffusion or integrated sample-draw operation 
One instrument can be carried for continuous monitoring in diffusion applications or be used with the integrated sampling pump for sample-draw applications such as confined space entry testing.

Interchangeable lithium-ion and alkaline power sources
A variety of available power sources including the latest rechargeable battery technology provides the user with around-the-clock monitoring capabilities and battery power available at a moment’s notice.

Extended range lithium-ion battery pack
Provides run times of up to 36 continuous hours and extends run times in high power applications when sampling pumps and PID or infrared sensors are in use.

Numeric, graphic and text display modes
Allows instrument display to be customized to provide a numeric readout of gas concentrations, a continuous graphical representation of hazard trends, or a simple go/no-go indication for easy user interpretation.

Extended datalogging memory
On-board memory provides storage of readings at 1-minute intervals for 6 gases for a minimum of 1 year.

On-board event logger
Provides capability to review the last 15 gas alarm events on the instrument display, giving historical feedback and information for incident review and evaluation.

User configurable operating system
Allows user to tune instrument to specific requirements for display, alarms, calibration, datalogging and other instrument operations.

Bump test and self test on start-up functionality
Allows the user to optionally configure the instrument to perform a self test or execute a bump test procedure during instrument start up – providing the ability to ensure that instruments are properly tested before each use.

Compatible with DS2 Docking Station™
Provides automatic calibration and record keeping, reducing overall instrument operating costs and ensuring proper documentation. Simplifies training and reduces time and calibration gas required for each calibration.


Oil & Gas Industry
Chemical Industry
Industry in general
Where personal Infra Red monitor for combustible gases required
Where personal PID monitor for VOC’s required
Confined space and tank entry checking – use pumped version