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BM 25 Area Gas Monitor

BM 25 Area Gas Monitor

The BM25 area gas monitor is a highly versatile, ATEX certified area monitor which has the benefits of a fixed gas detection system whilst having the usability of a portable gas monitor.

It can easily be used where fixed gas detection systems are not suitable, for example short term drilling underground, entry in to infrequently visited areas where gases may be present and so on.

Typically unit is used in plant shutdowns, rig overhauls and perimeter monitoring.

Features and Benefits

1 Extremely rugged construction – good for use in environmentally challenging situations such as refineries and offshore platforms.


2 A large range of interchangeable and field replaceable sensors – provides flexibility for monitoring in a variety of applications.


3 High capacity NiMH battery pack allows for long runtime – up to 170 hours, after a 4.5 hour charging.


4 BM25 units can be daisy chained together – hence offering a protective perimeter shield for workers working in an area during e.g. a shutdown.


5 The BM25 cab be charged in a hazardous area by use of a trickle charger – essentially producing a semi-permanent installation.


Plant shutdowns in Oil & Gas and other industries


Offshore monitoring of e.g. H2S gas


Worker protection where VOC’s may be present e.g. painters.


Perimeter protection


Leak detection