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Gastec Standard Tubes


Gastec Standard Tubes

Gastec detector tubes are of the highest quality for analysing a wide variety of gases, vapours and ground substances accurately.
From acetaldehyde to xylene, the Gastec pump and standard detector tubes can monitor over 600 gases and vapours
The Gastec Gas Detection Sampling System comprises the following:

Gastec colourimetric glass tube filled with an absorbent material, usually silica gel impregnated with a chemical reagent.

Air is drawn through the tube using the Gastec precision piston pump and reacts in the presence of the target gas to produce a colour change.

The length of the colour stain produced is proportional to the concentration of target gas present. By using a calibration scale printed on the tube, the concentration may be read immediately, without the need for laboratory analysis.

Gastec detector tubes are used worldwide in factories, refineries, chemical plants, dry cleaners and other work places where employee protection and gas detection are of paramount importance. Whether you are in occupational hygiene, environmental analysis or COSHH assessment and more, Gastec has the answer

Features and Benefits

Easy to use
Cost effective
Wide range of gases catered for


Industry wide applications
Gas sampling
Marine uses