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Gastec Polytec tubes


Gastec Polytec Tubes

Polytec Tubes are ideal for any newcomers to gas detection, existing users of traditional technologies or for those who are looking for a cost effective solution to gas detection where they don’t know what hazardous substances are present.

Polytec detector tubes are also ideal for rapid response teams at sites such as tanker crashes, chemical spills and building fires where air pollutants are unknown. The Polytec tubes can be used at the scene of an incident to provide the detection of multiple unknown substances with a single test where rapid evaluation of air quality and toxic levels is paramount.

Polytec Tubes are available to simultaneously measure up to 15 gases during a single test session, providing cost-effective monitoring and chemical identification.

There are four types of Polytec Tubes available: Polytec I (GAS107), Polytec II (GAS25), Polytec III (GAS26), and Polytec IV (GAS27)

Features and Benefits

Easy determination of constituents in the sample
No costly equipment or specialists required
Compatible with Gastec gas sampling pump


Industry wide applications
Gas sampling
Marine uses