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Gastec Gas Sampling Pump


Gas Sampling Pumps

We supply two Gastec gas sampling pumps – GV-100S and the GV-110S which both offer a slim, sleek and ergonomic design for a firm grip to take samples that require minimum effort.
The Gastec gas sampling pumps offer superior benefits over other tube sampling techniques. The piston style pump requires minimal effort using minimal pump strokes, comes complete with a tube tip breaker, flow finish indicator to show when stroke is complete and an optional sample counter.

Samples of 50ml (half-stroke) or 100ml (full-stroke) can be drawn easily with a handle that requires minimum effort. The built-in flow finish indicator automatically shows when stroke is complete. There are two pumps available – the GV-100S and the GV-110S which features an automatic sampling counter which tells you how many pump strokes you have already completed.

Used in conjunction with a Gastec Gas Sampling Pump and Detector Tubes, the Gastec Pyrotec Pyrolyzer System provides an accurate, on-the-spot detection of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), refrigerant gases, nitro compounds, dimethyl sulphide, and anesthetic gases. The pyrolyzer makes it easy to measure gases that were once difficult to detect.

Features and Benefits

Easy to use
Can be acessorised to suit a variety of requirements


Industry wide applications
Gas sampling
Marine uses