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Gastec Gas Sampling Kits


Gas Detection Sampling Kits

Gastec Gas Detection Sampling Kits are designed to meet air and specific air monitoring applications.

Each kit contains key components for routine gas detection, guidance notes and a selection of application-specific Gastec detector tubes

It’s more cost effective to purchase the kits rather than buying the components that make up the kit individually.

See below for our most popular kits:

Starter Kit:
•    Gastec tubes
•    Gastec precision pump
•    The latest edition of the Gastec handbook
•    A carry case
•    The EH40 Guide

Confined Space Entry Kit:

The Confined Space Entry Kit is a cost effective method ideal for customers needing to test confined spaces or difficult places. It contains;
•    Gastec precision pump
•    Gastec technical handbook
•    5 metre extension hose
•    Carry case
•    5 Packs of tubes for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Oxygen and Acid Gases

COSHH Assessment Kit
This allows the user to perform short-term and long-term exposure measurements. The COSHH Kit includes:
•    Gastec GV-100S Pump
•    Gastec Technical Handbook
•    Step by Step COSHH Assessment Book
•    PK/3 Dosi-Tube Holders
•    5 packs of standard or Dosi gastec tubes of YOUR choice
•    A carry case

Smoke test kit
The Gastec smoke test kit allows the user to monitor airflow movements within the work place. The kit contains;
•    Pack of 6 Tubes
•    Plastic Tip End
•    Aspirator Bulb
•    Carrying Pouch
•    Instruction Sheet

The Toxic Gas Detection Kit

The Toxic Gas Detection Kit is ideally used in the case of emergency response to chemical spills, to quickly determine the gases and their concentrations. It contains;
•    Smoke Test Kit
•    12 boxes of Gastec Tubes: 107, 141, 128, 151, 135, 111L, 4LL, 1L, 14L, 3LA, 12L, 8LA
•    Model GV-100S Gas Sampling Pump
•    GAS350A 5m. Extension Hose
•    2 x Rubber Connectors
•    Handbook
•    Carry Case (465mm x 138mm x 373mm – 5kg)

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