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olct ir


Oldham OLCT IR

The OLCT IR is built to withstand harsh environments such as; offshore platforms, petrochemical and chemical industries, naval installations, waste water treatment plants.
Infrared Technology is often the only solution to these types of environments and requires the most efficient gas and flame detection.
• Resistant to poisons and corrosion
• SIL2 Capability (according to EN 50402/ EN61508)
• Non-intrusive calibration
• Installed with fail-safe technology
• It is maintenance free which makes it ideal for onshore and offshore applications

Features and Benefits

The semi-conductor electronics of the OLCT IR guarantee extreme accuracy and constant stability.
Costs are considerably reduced:- Lifetime detector stability after initial calibration - Requires minimal maintenance
The OLCT IR has been built with the ability to ignore external elements that would usually trigger a false alarm
It has a non-intrusive system that allows a single user to access the protected menu
Thus meaning the OLCT IR can be calibrated in an explosive area but still adhere to safety rules
The OLCT IR comes as standard with a case that is fitted with a mounting system
Magnetic system for calibrating in explosive zones without opening the compartment cover
Highly resistant to sensor poisoning
The transmitted signal does not get saturated in high levels of gas concentration
Operates in an oxygen deficient atmosphere
All vital functions are maintained even if an accumulation of dust or other substances reduces transmission by 70%.
Stainless steel explosion-proof compartment, secure connection compartment


Oil & Gas Industry
Chemical Industry
Industry in general