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mx 62


MX 62

The MX 62 control panel provides a redundant system to ensure an accurate analysis from the sensors. Through its modularity, flexibility, installation and reduced operational costs, the MX 62 is an attractive solution for all gas and flame detection needs.

The MX 62 system meets the requirements of ATEX 100 A and offers the high level of security required by SK2 and SIL3 rated systems.

A secure installation for optimised costs

An entirely secure installation
• The structure of the MX 62 system has been developed to provide dual measurement. Reliable data is passed quickly from the detectors to the relays.

A structured programming
• The ConfigPro.exe software configures the MX 62 via a PC.
• Access to the different functions is protected by several passwords.

Features and Benefits

SIL3 approved

Space saving and easy access

The innovative design meets the new requirements in terms of security and safety

The modularity allows a personalized operation and reduces wiring costs

The flexibility helps integration of your system

The reliability ensures minimum maintenance

Programmable outputs reduce relay requirements


Industry wide applications