Gas Detection Equipment

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MX 43

The MX 43 is an analogue and digital controller designed for the continuous measurement and control of toxic and combustible gases present in the atmosphere and for 4-20 mA or digital contact signal.

The MX 43 digital technology allows up to 32 detectors to be distributed on 8 lines for increased cost savings

The MX43 is both analogue and digital so it can be used with either:
• 4-20 mA analogue transmitters (iTrans, OLCTxx)
• Digital transmitters such as existing OLCT80 or OLCT10N

Features and Benefits

Extremely versatile control unit
Up to 32 detectors on 8 lines


Commercial and Industrial Applications:
Boiler room
Food industry
Cooling rooms
Steel mills
Waste water treatment
Petrochemical plants
Automotive plants