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MSA 9010/9020 LCD and 9020-4 LCD

The control system 9010/9020 LCD provides maximum flexibility, simple operation, high reliability and superb performance at considerably reduced costs. In combination with the large range of MSA gas sensors, the 9010/9020 LCD excels in a variety of industrial applications there could be a presence of dangerous gas concentrations.
The 9010 LCD control module processes signals from one gas sensor while the 9020 LCD processes signals from two independent gas sensors. The system is also available as a single or dual channel wall mount and in ABS housings or as 19” rack version with up to 5 or 10 modules.
The 9020-4 LCD is identical to the 9020 but is configured as a four-channel IP65 controller to suit marine and industrial applications.

For more information, please see leaflets 07-516.2 and 07-517.2.

ATEX    II (1)G (2)G, MED 96/98/EC

Features and Benefits

9010/9020 LCD
ATEX 94/9/EC compatible where applicable
Failure status for low AC/DC power
Over range EEEE latching
Series connected opto-isolators provide failure status
Redundant dual contact failure relay [select able latching/non-latching function]
Alarm threshold inhibit
Choice of measuring units–LEL-LELm-PPM-% Vol-g/m3 or blank
Operates with a complete range of gas sensors and transmitters including semiconductor sensors, conventional smoke and temperature sensors, manual call points, thermo-resistive cable
4–20mA current loop accept [one person]
Full internal diagnostics
User-friendly configurable operation
Firmware can be easily loaded via laptop
Versatile system functions with logic levels
Adjustments via membrane keypads
Up to 20 channels per rack
Individual terminal blocks per module
Meets ATEX Directive 94/9/EC requirements
A multi-purpose version which accepts both bridge [mV] and active [4 – 20 mA] input signals
A cost-effective version operating on a4–20mA input signal is also available
Satisfies a variety of gas monitoring applications/industries
Inherent reliability minimises spurious alarms and unexpected “down-time”
No tools required for adjustments [operation by Access Code]
High density monitoring
9020-4 LCD
ATEX 94/9/EC and MED 96/98/EC approved
4-digit, 7-segment back lit Liquid Crystal Display – one for each measuring channel
High-brightness alarm LED’s on front door
Choice of measuring Units – LEL, LELm, PPM, %Vol, g/m3 or blank
Redundant dual contact failure relay with safety function
Alarm threshold inhibit
User-friendly software configuration by specific Access Codes
Each Channel has three alarm thresholds: Caution, Alarm, Warning
Analogue output signal for each channel with linearisation
RS-485 common serial interface ModBUS RTU data transmission
4 –20 mA current loop calibration at Transmitter only [one person]
Full internal diagnostics
Versatile system functions with logic levels
Common alarm, horn and failure relay contacts available on terminal board
Sheet metal vibration-proof IP 65 enclosure with bottom gland plate for cable entry